H-formic acid

H-formic acid

Formic Acid is a salt-based product (Sodium Formate Base) which is the – most recommended route of manufacturing Formic Acid as compared to Ester based. Owing to its nature, Hciworld Acid is stronger and hence much more active in bath exhaustion.

Product Specifications

Appearance : Crystal Clear Liquid

Total Acidity as HoooH: 85.2%

Molecular Weight:  46 g/mole

 Miscibility with Water : Miscible in all proportions with water and many organic solvents having no turbidity

Sulphate as SO4 :   < 0.0001%

Chloride as Cl  :  < 0.0003%

Iron as Fe :   < 0.0002%

Other Heavy Metal  :   < 0.001%

 R.A.E. :    < 0.002%


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